Current strategies of research dissemination often fall short in reaching out to the public. MiND junior and senior researchers will engage strongly in outreach activities to patients and the general public. This will be done on four different levels:

  • patients and their organisations 
  • healthcare professionals 
  • policy makers 
  • the general public

To facilitate a fluent dialogue with the final beneficiaries of our research, we are closely collaborating with ADHD-Europe and Autism-Europe. Both organizations focus its efforts in on advancing the rights of, and advocating on every level throughout Europe for people affected by ADHD and autism and co-morbid conditions in order to help them reach their full potential. We are grateful for the support of ADHD-Europe and Autism-Europe, whose representatives attend the MiND Annual Meetings and contribute to several of the boards. They provide the patient's perspective to our project and will help us disseminate the outputs of MiND to the society.


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