The final MiND Conference in Barcelona was a great success. It was a meeting with exciting scientific presentations from ESRs and several international guest speakers, active participation from scientists and patient representatives, new ideas for future research, and a sneak preview of the Masterpiece of the MiND ESRs’ work on science communication – the short movie ‘Shine a light’, to be officially released in October 2018. Right after the end of the Conference, the MiND consortium contributed to a successful event for local patients and their representatives, which attracted more than 300 participants. The meeting was hosted by Vall d’Hebron Hospital and organized by the ADANA Foundation, ADHD-Europe, and Autism-Europe. Please find a blog on the event ( LINKS, MiND website, MiND the Gap blog) and the information of the poster presented at the meeting (NEWS AND EVENTS , Barcelona Outreach 2018).

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